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I'm William Meller

PMO | Scrum Master | Project Management | Writer

Hello! I’m William Meller.

Young professional self-motivated and passionate about business and project management with 8+ years of experience in Information Technology and experience in PMO and Project Management, with 200+ published articles.

Project Analyst/PMO and Scrum Master at Totvs, Director at PMI, Founder at Portal Sucesso Jovem and writer for several sites.

✓ Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)
✓ Scrum Master Certified® (SMC)

› Responsible for a PMO at Totvs, supporting project management with traditional and agile methodologies to deliver quality products and support achievement of strategic goals through projects, financial control, generating indicators and supporting teams and managers in deliveries with reports to executives and directors.

› Scrum Master of a multidisciplinary software development Squad responsible for a new corporate .Net Framework and support in the agile transformation of the company.

› Volunteer at PMI currently as Integration Director, Project Manager and Content Coordinator. Founder of the international blog "The Young Project Manager" through PMI's ProjectManagement channel.

› Founder at Portal Sucesso Jovem, a website about career, management and business focused in young people development.

› Columnist on several websites with +210 published articles about career, management, business, project management, innovation, leadership and technology, with publications in magazines

Professional Skills

Project Management
Planning and Strategy
Project Communication
Report and Indicators
Project Monitoring
Agile Transformation
Team Leadership

My Experience

  • Career

  • Jan 2017 - Present


    - TOTVS -

    Responsible for the PMO of the Healthcare segment in Totvs with project management, processes, KPI, quality management, segment management and agile transformation of the company.

  • Jun 2017 - Present

    Scrum Master

    - TOTVS -

    Scrum Master of a multidisciplinary software development Squad and supporting the agile transformation at Totvs.

  • Jan 2017 - Present

    Integration Director

    - PMIRS -

    As Integration Director, I'm responsible for a front on chapter that takes care of the volunteer's life cycle as well as their integration in projects and activities in the chapter.

  • Mar 2015 - Present

    Founder / Content Manager

    - Portal Sucesso Jovem -

    Founder of Portal Sucesso Jovem, an online portal with content about career, management and business focused on youth development.

  • Apr 2016 - Present

    Project Manager

    - PMIRS -

    As Project Manager at PMIRS I take care of a translation team and strategic projects for the chapter, supporting the delivery of the PMIRS strategy and supporting several projects.

  • Mar 2016 - Present

    Content Cordinator

    - PMIRS -

    As Content Coordinator of PMIRS I've participated in the implementation of the Communication Office of the chapter and I`m responsible for creating and maintaining content for the PMIRS blog.

  • Mar 2014 - Dez 2016

    IT Support Analyst

    - TOTVS -

    As Support Analyst at Totvs I was responsible for assisting health professionals in solving technical and business issues for clinics and doctors' offices all over Brazil.

  • Mar 2013 - Feb 2014

    IT Analyst

    - Super Jean -

    In the Data Processing Center (CPD) I was responsible for all of the company's IT, facilitating process of data entry and supporting with other administrative and financial issues.

  • Jun 2011 - Feb 2013

    IT Analyst

    - Unisuper -

    In the Data Processing Center (CPD) I was responsible for all of the company's IT, making decisions about system, network, hardware, and system data entry.

  • Jul 2010 - Apr 2011

    Administrative Assistant

    - Super Trisch -

    As Administrative Assistant at the Apprentice Program I was responsible for helping in diverse administrative routines taking care of the support to the financial, accounting and administrative sector of the company.

  • Education

  • Jun 2015 - Jun 2018


    - Bachelor’s Degree -

    IT Management

  • Out 2017 - Jan 2018

    University of Washington

    - Extension Course -

    Strategic Applications of IT Project and Program Management

  • Jun 2014 - Jun 2015

    Alcides Maya

    - Technical Course -

    Information Technology


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